Sabercats are on KUBE57!

KUBE57 is proud to be the home for the HOUSTON SABERCATS in 2019. Here are the exciting matchups that are coming up on our station.  For a complete schedule or to order tickets click HERE!

Saturday, January 26 @7p

Austin v. Houston

Friday, February 22 @7p

Houston v. Ontario

Saturday, March 2 @7:30p

Houston v. Rugby

Sunday, March 10 @7p

Seattle v. Houston

Saturday, March 16 @7p

Houston v. NOLA

Saturday, April 6 @8p

Glendale v. Houston

Saturday, April 13 @5p

Houston v. Seattle

Sunday, April 21 @1p

Ontario v. Houston

Sunday, April 28 @6p

Houston v. San Diego

Saturday, May 11 @7p

Houston v. Glendale

Saturday, May 18 @4p

NOLA v. Houston

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