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Just sayin' Sportsmap headlines

  • The next move for the Astros could also be their toughest

    The Astros made a somewhat surprising move this week when they traded Jake Marisnick to the Mets. However, this trade could be just the first domino to fall when it comes to the Astros thinning out their logjam in the outfield. ESPN 97.5's Joel Blank weighs in Jake Marisnick getting traded, and […]

  • How the Astros will continue winning anyway

    The Astros are waiting to find out what their punishment will be if MLB finds them guilty of using technology to steal signs. ESPN 97.5's Charlie Pallilo and Raheel Ramzanali weigh in on how the Astros will operate next season if they don't have the services of their GM and manager because of a […]

  • Cowboys vs Bears: Good, bad and ugly

    In a must win game, the Cowboys did the unthinkable. They lost to a team with a quarterback who may not even be a starter next year. The game on paper didn't look bad, for the Cowboys only lost by seven points. But the game was dominated by the Bears after the Cowboys scored their opening […]

  • This is why Pete Rose isn't buying the Astros sign-stealing scandal

    Pete Rose catches up with ABC 13's David Nuno to talk about the Astros' alleged involvement in sign-stealing. Rose has trouble believing that the Astros would be able to communicate the signs fast enough for the batter to benefit. Check out the video and see if you agree with his take.

  • Bookie Busters: Championship dollars

    The wait is over and Championship weekend is here. The size of slates has gotten much smaller so be sure that the numbers will be sharp, and proceed with caution. Let's make some money! New Plays Coming soon 813 CST ‪WASHINGTON WIZARDS @ MIAMI ‬ ‪2nd half Over 111 5U MAX ‬‪3rd Q over […]

  • Beatles super fan Ken Hoffman spotlights extraordinary night for Houston music lovers

    This article originally appeared on CultureMap. None If you're a Beatles fan, a splendid time is guaranteed for all when British composer, music historian, and Paul McCartney's good buddy Howard Goodall brings his "Magic of the Beatles Explained" presentation to Houston on Monday, December 16. […]

  • Here's how Jeff Luhnow has backed the Yankees into a corner

    The New York Yankees met with free agent pitcher Gerrit Cole this week, and many fans are wondering if the Yankees GM Brian Cashman is in a situation where he must overpay for Cole. Astros GM Jeff Luhnow has made a lot of blockbuster moves over the last few years with his trades for Justin […]

  • Here's where the Astros rank among the favorites to win a World Series in 2020

    The 2019 season ended only about a month ago, but it's never too early to look ahead to next year. Despite the Astros being more than likely to lose Gerrit Cole in free agency, Houston is still favored to win the World Series in 2020 along with the Yankees at +600, depending on where you place your […]

  • Where the Texans stand in the AFC pecking order after big win over the Patriots

    At 8-4 have the Texans stamped themselves as legitimate Super Bowl contenders? No they have not. Not yet. They're making progress, but not yet. Have you seen the Ravens? The Ravens who pulverized the Texans 41-7 in Baltimore 3 weeks ago? Still, beating a 10-1 Patriots team was stout. But the game […]

  • The Rockets report, brought to you by APG&E: Rockets bounce back from bad loss with solid victory over Raptors 119-109

    Coming off a brutal and embarrassing double-overtime loss in San Antonio two nights before, the Rockets were in need of a statement victory. The 15-5 Raptors provided just that opportunity Thursday night in Toronto and head coach Nick Nurse made his team's defensive intentions clear before the […]

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