Just Saying 2019

Just Sayin’ Friday Nights 10:30

Paul Gallant, John Granato, and Patti Smith talk about the big stories in Houston sports and beyond! Don’t miss these three as they battle it out and keep it real every Friday Night at 10:30!



“Very rarely do you get an opportunity like this to get a free lunch when you broadcast a show. It doesn’t happen often on the radio side so I’m very excited to get back into TV.”


“I couldn’t be more excited to team up once again with my good friend John Granato, and at the same time, add a great young talent like Paul Gallant to the mix. I think between the three of us, along with some really creative people behind the scenes, Just Sayin’ will be a great platform for some really cool programming, stories, topics and discussions.”


“It’s tough to find in depth TV coverage of Houston sports. So I’m REALLY excited to be a part of ANOTHER Houston sports show on KUBE57, and especially to work with two established veterans of Houston sports media in John and Patti.”